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Winter Diseases and Prevention - How It Can Affect Your Child

  • 28-Nov-22

Winter has begun. For practically everyone, especially moms this is one of the most challenging times of the year. How to prevent children from viral infections is the most frequent query from mothers... Read More

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Best ENT Specialist in Lahore

  • 18-Nov-22

The field of medicine known as otolaryngology treats diseases and problems affecting the ENT (ear, nose, and throat) region and associated head and neck regions. You might need to contact an ENT speci... Read More

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Tuberculosis (TB) Symptoms and Treatment

  • 11-Nov-22

A person becomes infected with tuberculosis (TB) by inhaling microscopic droplets from the cough or sneeze of an infected person. Although it mostly affects the lungs, it can also affect the stomach (... Read More

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Epidural Painless Delivery

  • 31-Oct-22

A lovely journey begins with motherhood. Your unborn child's arrival completes the incredible bond you've enjoyed with them for the past nine months. On the other hand, giving birth to a child... Read More

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Dialysis Spa - IMC Hospital Lahore

  • 26-Oct-22

When the kidneys cease functioning properly, a treatment called dialysis is used to eliminate waste and extra fluid from the blood. Blood is frequently diverted to a machine to be cleansed in this pro... Read More

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Best Plastic Surgeon in Lahore

  • 17-Oct-22

Plastic surgeons focus on reconstructive procedures. They tend to patients who have conditions such as birth defects, injuries, illnesses, or burns. Many plastic surgeons choose to become cosmetic sur... Read More