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About Us

IMC Hospital is a privately owned, 125 bedded purpose-built, multi-speciality modern healthcare service provider established through a joint venture with DHA, Lahore. The hospital started its operations in 2022 with a commitment to provide quality patient care by adopting the concept of integrating care under one roof. The hospital provides personalized care in a comforting environment through integration of services offered by various units, all focused on safe and patient-centred approach.

With a dedicated team comprising over 600 local and internationally skilled medical consultants and surgeons, hospital administrators, qualified nurses and paramedical staff, IMC provides exceptional experience to their patients in a clean, efficient, safe and caring environment.

The quality of the hospital is accredited by the Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) and hospital has also started to adopt internationally recognized gold healthcare standard for quality of care and patient safety. The hospital offers a comprehensive range of high-quality clinical, diagnostic, and treatment services along with 24/7 Emergency Room, Rehab Services, Pharmacy with home delivery facility and Laboratory with option of collecting samples from home.

The hospital provides healthcare facilities for people from all walks of life with availability of low-cost general wards along with an exclusive executive wing. Besides, we have an ever-increasing list of special arrangements with our corporate partners including insurance companies to improve the patient access and social impact.

IMC constantly endeavours to develop and deliver accessible and quality focused healthcare services in order to become a leading tertiary care hospital in Punjab.

In pursuit of achieving our mission and vision, IMC Hospital has laid down following core values:

imc hospital dha lahore core values


Ensuring honesty, professionalism with ethics and responsibility

imc hospital dha lahore core values


Fostering physical and supportive care

imc hospital dha lahore core values


Building an atmosphere of transparency, dependence and reliance between patients and staff

imc hospital dha lahore core values


Providing quality health services through patient-centered care

imc hospital dha lahore core values


Centering our services around strong morals and principles

imc hospital dha lahore core values


Focusing on honoring patients’ rights to confidentiality, privacy and dignity

imc hospital dha lahore core values


Making quality healthcare accessible and approachable

imc hospital dha lahore core values


Combining experience and expertise with optimum team cohesion

imc hospital dha lahore core values


Promoting an empathy-driven culture, ensuring to put the patient first

imc hospital dha lahore core values


Encouraging commitment to patient-centeredness through enhanced reliability first

imc hospital dha lahore CEO

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tayyib

Founder & Professor of Ophthalmology
We aim to provide personalized care and a seamless experience using advanced and cutting-edge technologies.   

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tayyib is a medical graduate with a foreign specialization in Ophthalmology. He is one of the renowned eye surgeons of Pakistan, having more than 40 years of professional experience at both national and international levels. He has served at high-ranking positions including Head & Professor of Ophthalmology at prominent hospitals in Pakistan and has served in hospitals in the United Kingdom. Dr. Tayyib has also authored various publications in national and international peer-reviewed journals.

imc hospital dha lahore CEO

Dr. Naeem Uddin Mian

Founder & Health Specialist
This is a thematic hospital built on the concept of integrated healthcare and standardized way of treatment.   

Dr. Naeem Uddin Mian is a medical doctor with post-graduation in Public health. He is an International Consultant having vast experience of more than 40 years in the field of health policy, planning, management, and research and has taken several innovations to scale while working closely with the public sector. As CEO of Contech, Dr. Mian has successfully implemented more than 500 projects, covering vast geographic areas for governments and development partners. He has served on Boards of varied notable public health forums and institutions.

imc hospital dha lahore partner

Mr. Farrukh Aftab Hotiana


Mr.Farrukh Aftab Hotiana is a part of the IMC team looking to revolutionize private health care services in Pakistan by establishing a state-of-the-art hospital. Mr. Hotiana finished his schooling at the prestigious Sadiq Public School and went on to pursue a Master’s degree in English Literature from Forman Christian College. His expertise in the agricultural sector developed as a result of years of hands-on experience as owner and manager of multiple landholdings in Bahawalnagar. This experience has translated into all his entrepreneurial ventures. A risk-taker and enterprising individual, Mr. Hotiana has channeled his resources, knowledge, and experience into developing the Pakistani aquaculture sector, by establishing state-of-the-art fish farms in Pakistan.

imc hospital dha lahore partner

Ms. Asia Saeed


As the Director of a Business Group, having stakes in education and an owner of a thriving hospital in Sahiwal, she plays a pivotal role in education and healthcare. Embarking on her journey at St. Mary’s Convent Sahiwal, Mrs. Aasia Saeed distinguishes herself with a solid educational foundation. She holds a Master's degree in English from Bahauddin Zikriya University, Multan. Her community engagement includes leadership roles in Inner wheel International Club Sahiwal and APWA Sahiwal, showcasing her commitment to social welfare. With a proven track record, Mrs. Aasia Saeed continues to make significant contributions to her community, continuing these social participations she now takes pride in being a part of IMC’s team.

imc hospital dha lahore management

Waqar Mirza

Chief Executive Officer
imc hospital dha lahore management

Awais Shakoor

Cheif Finance Officer
imc hospital dha lahore management

Brig. (R) Ahmad Muqeem

Medical Superintendent
imc hospital dha lahore management

Mr. Siddiqi Anwer Jalal

Company Secretary
imc hospital dha lahore management

Dr. Sara Sattar

Manager Quality Assurance
imc hospital dha lahore management

Dr. Mehwish Zaidi

Chief Pharmacist