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Liver Specialist in Lahore

  • 10-Jan-22

Experts who treat disorders involving the pancreas, gallbladder, liver and biliary tree are known as hepatologists. Hepatologists are also known as Liver specialists and these are the type of doctors... Read More

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Smog in Lahore - Pakistan Air Pollution

  • 28-Dec-22

Lahore has again topped the list of the world's most polluted cities, with some portions of the city seeing a peak Air Quality Index (AQI) of 668. Even though the residents of Punjab's capital... Read More

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Best Dermatologist in Lahore

  • 26-Dec-22

A dermatologist is a doctor that specialises in dermatology and deals with the conditions of skin, hair and nail disorders. The only area of medicine that deals with problems of skin, including facial... Read More

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Eye Specialist Lahore

  • 19-Dec-22

An ophthalmologist performs eye surgery and prescribes eyeglasses and contact lenses to cure vision issues, ophthalmologists also diagnose and treat all eye illnesses. Eye surgery can treat most of th... Read More

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How Depression and Anxiety are linked together

  • 07-Dec-22

Though people think that depression and anxiety are the same, they are two very different conditions. The main symptom of depression is usually a persistent low, sad or hopeless mood while anxiety mai... Read More

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What is Diabetes - Symptoms and Treatment

  • 30-Nov-22

Diabetes is a chronic condition that develops when the pancreas is unable to create insulin or when the body is unable to effectively utilise the insulin that is produced. The pancreas produces th... Read More