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Dehydration - Symptoms and Causes

  • 21-May-24

Dehydration occurs when the human body loses more fluids than it takes in, leading to a lack of water and electrolytes required for normal function. It can be caused by a high-temperature fever, vomit... Read More

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Best Physiotherapist in Lahore

  • 13-May-24

Your doctor may have recommended that you see a physiotherapist to help you regain your mobility if you have ever experienced a disease or injury that has affected your capacity to move around or perf... Read More

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What is Hepatitis

  • 08-May-24

Hepatitis, inflammation of the liver, is primarily caused by infectious viruses—types A, B, C, D, and E—each varying in transmission, severity, and prevalence. Chronic forms, notably types... Read More

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Pituitary Disorders Symptoms

  • 29-Apr-24

Depending on the underlying cause of their pituitary disorders, patients may present with a range of symptoms. Growths such as pituitary tumors, cysts, or other growths can produce headaches, blurred... Read More

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Best Pathologist in Lahore

  • 24-Apr-24

The study and diagnosis of disease are the main goals of the medical specialty of pathology. Examining surgically removed organs, tissues (biopsy samples), bodily fluids, and occasionally the entire b... Read More

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What’s the difference between bacterial and viral infections?

  • 18-Apr-24

Either bacteria or viruses are the primary cause of many infections in humans. Some scientists believe that bacteria, which are microscopic single-celled organisms, are related to plants. They inhabit... Read More