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  • 09-Mar-23

Malaria is caused by a parasite that is carried by a mosquito. Through mosquito bites carrying the parasite, people become infected. Malaria typically causes severe illness including a high temperature and chills that cause trembling.

What is Malaria?

Malaria (also known as Malaria Bukhar) is a fatal illness. It is usually spread by the bite of an Anopheles mosquito carrying the infection. The Plasmodium parasite is carried by infected insects. The parasite enters your system when this mosquito bites you. Once inside your body, the parasites move to your liver. The mature parasites reach the bloodstream and start infecting red blood cells after several days. The parasites inside the red blood cells proliferate within 48 to 72 hours causing the infected cells to rupture.

Malaria Symptoms in Urdu:

ملیریا - ملیریا ایک بیماری ہے جو پلاسموڈیم نامی بیکٹیریا سے ہوتی ہے۔ اگر علاج نہ کیا جائے تو یہ صحت کے سنگین مسائل جیسے متلی، سردی لگنا اور فلو کا باعث بن سکتا ہے۔ اگر آپ اس کا جلد علاج کرواتے ہیں تو یہ عام طور پر زیادہ سنگین نہیں ہوتا۔

Malaria Symptoms:

Malaria symptoms and signs can include:

  • Fever.
  • Chills.
  • Uncomfortable sensation all around.
  • Headache.
  • Puking and nauseous.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Discomfort in the abdomen.
  • Joint or muscle discomfort.
  • Fatigue.
  • Breaths quickly.
  • Quick heartbeat.
  • Cough.

Malaria sufferers occasionally experience recurrent "attacks". Typically, an episode begins with chills and shivering, then a high fever which is followed by sweating and a return to normal body temperature. A few weeks after being struck by an infected mosquito, malaria signs, and symptoms appear. Some malaria parasite varieties, however, can slumber in your body for up to a year.

Malaria is Caused By:

A parasite of the species Plasmodium with only one cell causes malaria. Most frequently, mosquito bites are used to transmit the parasite to people.

Life Cycle of Malaria:

Uninfected mosquito: A mosquito contracts malaria by biting a victim of the disease.
Parasite transmission: If this mosquito strikes you again, it may give you malaria parasites.
Within the liver: Once inside your body, the parasites move to your liver where some varieties can lay inactive for up to a year.
Bloodstream entry: Once they reach maturity, the parasites exit the liver and attack your red blood cells. People usually start to exhibit symptoms of malaria at this time.
Moving on: If you get bitten by an uninfected mosquito at this stage of the malaria cycle, it will get infected with your malaria parasites and can then pass them on to anyone else it attacks.

Other modes of transmission:
Because the parasites that cause malaria impact red blood cells, individuals can also contract malaria by coming into contact with infected blood, including:

  • Mother-infant to Unborn.
  • By using blood transplants.
  • Utilising shared drug-injection instruments.

Prevention and Treatment of Malaria:

Take precautions to avoid mosquito bites if you reside in or are visiting a region where malaria is prevalent. The hours between twilight and dawn are when mosquitoes are most active. You should:

  • Cover your skin.
  • Apply insect repellent to your skin.
  • Dress in protection after applying it.
  • Sleep under a net.

The World Health Organization has recommended a malaria vaccine for use in children who live in countries with high numbers of malaria cases. Researchers are continuing to develop and study malaria vaccines to prevent infection.

When to See a Doctor?
Seek immediate medical care if you have a fever while residing in or returning from a region with a high risk of contracting malaria or if you have other serious symptoms.

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