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  • 07-Dec-22

Though people think that depression and anxiety are the same, they are two very different conditions. The main symptom of depression is usually a persistent low, sad or hopeless mood while anxiety mainly involves intense feelings of nervousness and fear.
However, many illnesses have a number of essential symptoms as well as some overlapping ones. Anxiety frequently entails irritability and depressed persons occasionally experience irritability as opposed to sadness or melancholy.

Depending on the individual, these disorders can manifest differently. According to surveys conducted it is also possible to have both depression and anxiety at the same time. What both conditions have in common is that they can get better with support and treatment.

Depression Meaning in Urdu

ذہنی دباؤ- ڈپریشن ایک بہت سنگین مسئلہ ہے جو عام زندگی گزارنا مشکل بنا سکتا ہے۔اداس احساسات طویل عرصے تک رہ سکتے ہیں، اور وہ ہمیشہ دور نہیں ہوتے۔

What is Depression?

Depression is a common mental disorder, a leading cause of disability worldwide and a significant contributor to the overall global burden of disease. Depression typically affects women more than males.
Depression is separate from typical mood swings and fleeting emotional reactions to ordinary difficulties. Depression may develop into a serious medical problem if it is recurrent and of moderate or severe degree. It can significantly impair the affected person's functionality and cause them to suffer; notably at their job, school and in the family. In severe circumstances, depression can potentially result in suicide if it is not addressed quickly.

Symptoms of Depression

Depression might include the following signs in addition to a down, sad or hopeless feeling:

  • Loss of enjoyment or interest in normal hobbies and activities.
  • A feeling of gloom or despair.
  • Rage, irritation, and agitation.
  • Low levels of energy.
  • Chronic tiredness or sleeplessness.
  • Modifications to appetite and weight.
  • Trouble focusing, making choices, or recalling facts.
  • Gastrointestinal issues or body aches and pains.
  • Guilty and useless feelings.
  • In worst-case scenarios, suicidal thoughts.


Anxiety Meaning in Urdu

بے چینی- ایک ذہنی بیماری ہے جس کی وجہ سے لوگ بہت زیادہ پریشان اور خوف زدہ رہتے ہیں۔ یہ کبھی کبھی اتنا خراب ہوسکتا ہے کہ لوگ اپنی زندگی معمول کے مطابق نہیں گزار سکتے۔ اگر اس کا علاج نہیں کیا جاتا ہے تو، پریشانی عام طور پر عمر کے ساتھ بدتر ہوتی جاتی ہے۔ ایک اچھا ماہر نفسیات اضطراب میں مبتلا لوگوں کی مدد کر سکتا ہے

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety attacks do occur occasionally and are a part of life. But acute, overbearing and persistent concern and panic over commonplace events are typically experienced by people with anxiety disorders. Frequently occurring episodes of acute fear, terror and/or worry that peaks in intensity in a matter of minutes are a symptom of anxiety disorders and lead to panic attacks. A person's regular tasks are hampered by these uncontrollable protracted emotions of anxiety and panic.

Anxiety is a natural reaction to stress. Anxiety can occur in some people:

  • Before important life events.
  • When making significant choices.
  • When making a new attempt.

The primary indications of persistent anxiety include:

  • Fear and concern are difficult to manage and control.
  • Unease and irritation.
  • A feeling of panic.
  • Issues with sleep.
  • Enduring tiredness.
  • Brain haze.
  • Headaches, tenseness in the muscles, nausea and diarrhoea.

How to Manage Both?

Reaching out to a mental health specialist at Integrated Medical Care hospital who can identify and treat anxiety and depression is a useful next step if you don't feel quite like yourself.
You can make efforts to manage symptoms on your own but a therapist can provide further information on how to treat depression and anxiety.

See the Doctor if:

  • Your career, relationships or daily life are being affected by your overwhelming feelings and excessive concern.
  • You are bothered by and have no control over your fear, worry or anxiety.
  • You have anxiety and other mental health issues such as depression, alcoholism or other problems.
  • You suspect a health issue may be the cause of your worry.
  • You exhibit suicidal thoughts or behaviour, get immediate medical attention.

Your worries may not go away on their own and they may get worse over time if you don’t seek help. See an Integrated Medical Care hospital doctor or a mental health expert before your anxiety gets worse.

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Introduction: Prof. Dr. Raheel Karim is a world-renowned Psychiatrist offering high-quality psychiatric and addiction treatment services. He has extensive experience of over 40 years helping thousands of patients globally. Dr. Karim is a consultant psychiatrist and a senior member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists His special interest is in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.

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