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  • 14-Jun-24

The virus known as Congo virus, also known as Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF), is transmitted by ticks to both domestic and wild animals, including livestock. By coming into contact with the blood, tissues, or fresh meat of an infected animal, or by being bitten by an infected tick that is dwelling on the host animal, humans can contract this disease. If a person comes into close contact with an infected individual's organs, blood, other secretions, or bodily fluids, there is also a chance of human-to-human transmission.

The congo virus cannot withstand high temperatures, and there is no chance of the infection spreading through well cooked meat. Approximately 30% of patients with CCHF die during the first two weeks of their illness. Improvement usually starts on the ninth or tenth day following the start of the disease in patients who make a full recovery.

Congo Virus Infections in Animals:

Numerous animals, including dogs, sheep, goats, hares, hedgehogs, cattle, and mice (Mastomys spp.), have been found to harbor CCHFV. It is present in both wild and domesticated mammals. Mammals can spread CCHFV through their tissues and blood when they become viremic. There have been reports of antibodies in buffalo, giraffes, rhinoceroses, pigs, horses, donkeys, and other animal species. Although it is believed that most bird species are immune to illness and are seronegative, ostriches have antibodies. Animals other than newly inoculated newborn rodents (laboratory mice, rats, and Syrian hamsters) do not exhibit symptoms from CCHFV infections. In sheep and calves used in experiments, the only sign of infection is a brief, slight rise in body temperature. Rats only die when they are newborns. Through serology, animals infected with or exposed to CCHFV can be identified.

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