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  • 24-Aug-22

Lahore is Pakistan's second-largest metropolis and the provincial capital of Punjab. It is the fifth-largest city in South Asia and the 26th-largest metropolis overall. According to The Guardian, Lahore is a popular tourist destination and Pakistan's second-best tourist destination. To cater to the masses of people that live and visit the city, private and public hospitals in Lahore provide top-notch medical services, together with the latest technology and medical equipment. 

Hospitals are a representation of life and health, Lahore is home to some of the most prestigious and long-standing hospitals with the best medical equipment. Thanks to the abundance of comprehensive medical equipment and skilled healthcare personnel, both private and public sector hospitals in Lahore are upto the modern standards of medical science.

Best Hospital in Lahore

Though maintaining our health is solely our responsibility, we must acquire expert guidance and treatment if we are to enjoy optimum health benefits that pertain to us. Therefore, picking a renowned hospital is essential. Integrated Medical Care Hospital is a reputable institution and often termed as one of the best hospital in Pakistan.

Integrated Medical Care Hospital

The formation of a multi-specialty hospital as part of a joint venture between IMC Hospital and DHA Lahore aims to revolutionize healthcare and present the concept of integrated care and services. IMC tackles the inherent challenges of inpatient care by merging systems and processes for patient management and putting people before diseases.

IMC Hospital Lahore (Services)

IMC employs specialists in a variety of medical domains. IMC Hospital's specialists are committed to give you the care you require. Your safety and health are top priority at IMC Hospital. Patients, guests, and employees at IMC Hospital have access to a sizable network of clinical services and lab services because they are a part of the IMC Health System. In Lahore and across Pakistan, IMC’s medical services continue to set the bar for patient care. Patients can make use of extensive selection of practical services and amenities at IMC Hospital.

IMC Pakistan (Diagnostics Department)

IMC employs a wide range of knowledgeable laboratory workers, many of whom you won't ever see in person. But these people are vital to your medical treatment in many ways. Clinical laboratory employees are in charge of carrying out procedures that yield vital data for identifying, diagnosing, treating, and keeping track of disease. These experts evaluate patient samples such as blood, urine, bodily fluids and tissue, and stool using sophisticated equipment and methods. They could be at a reference lab thousands of miles away or they could be working in the lab at the hospital, clinic, or doctor's office where you are receiving treatment. 

Additionally, as the illness does not take vacation days, neither does IMC Hospital. IMC lab is open around-the-clock and you have complete access to a number of possibilities from the comfort of your home.

IMC Pharmacy

The IMC Pharmacy is dedicated to delivering healthcare that is in line with their mission to deliver exceptional services with compassion and openness. They take great pride in their reputation, which enables them to offer medications that are still sealed in the original manufacturer's packaging, ensuring a product that is 100% original and of the highest quality. The staff at IMC Pharmacy is committed to assisting you with your drug requirements whether you are an active patient at the hospital or a prior patient receiving your prescription.

IMC Pharmacy collaborates closely with the top medical professionals in the area and has worked with tried-and-true pharmaceutical producers. This enables them to give the appropriate services and medications at the appropriate time in a secure, effective, and economical manner. Their commitment to providing excellent service and a sincere interest in your well-being does not end with the completion of the transaction.

IMC Hospital Lahore Contact Number

Contact details:
Tel: + (92-42) 37178901 + (92-42) 37178904

IMC Hospital Address

Head Office Located at 153/1, Sector F, Phase V, Defence Housing Authority Lahore.