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  • 06-Jun-24

Alzheimer's disease is a degenerative brain illness. It is characterized by changes in the brain that lead to the buildup of proteins. The final outcome of Alzheimer's disease is brain shrinkage and cell death. Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia, a condition marked by a progressive loss of thinking, memory, behavior, and social skills. These alterations have an effect on how an individual operates.

Alzheimer's Disease Symptoms:

Because Alzheimer's disease is a progressive disorder, its symptoms get worse with time. The fact that memory loss is frequently one of the first symptoms to manifest is an essential factor. Months or years pass before the symptoms become noticeable. If they persist for several hours or days, the person may need to visit a doctor because this could indicate a stroke. Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease include:

  • Memory loss: It's possible for someone to struggle to retain knowledge and absorb new information.
  • Cognitive deficits: One could struggle with judgement, thinking, and tough activities.
  • Problems with recognition: One could struggle with judgement, thinking, and tough activities.
  • Problems with spatial awareness: Individuals may experience problems with their equilibrium, fall or drop objects more frequently, or struggle to align garments with their body when putting on clothes.
  • Problems with speaking, reading, or writing: A person may experience trouble coming up with popular terms or they may commit more mistakes in speech, writing, or spelling.

Alzheimer's Disease Causes:

Although the exact causes of Alzheimer's disease are unknown, they most likely consist of a mix of the following:

  • Age-related alterations in the brain that can damage neurons and have an impact on other brain cells, including shrinkage, inflammation, blood vessel damage, and energy breakdown inside cells.
  • Genetic variations or alterations that could be inherited from a family member. Alzheimer's disease can have a genetic component to it. There are two varieties of Alzheimer's: the most frequent late-onset variety that develops after a person reaches their mid-60s, and the extremely rare early-onset type that develops between the ages of 30 and 60. Alzheimer's disease is common in older individuals with Down syndrome, a genetic disorder that may manifest symptoms as early as the 40s.
  • Factors related to health, environment, and lifestyle that could be relevant include heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and pollution exposure.

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